Baroque Trumpet Solo CD

Baroque Music for Trumpet and Organ (Jason Dovel, Baroque Trumpet)
Baroque Music for Trumpet and Organ
New Branch Records (2018)

Jason Dovel, trumpet
Schuyler Robinson, organ

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"This is a brilliant CD of some of the most wonderful works in the trumpet repertoire and gloriously performed by Jason Dovel" - Historic Brass Society, April 2018 Review
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Sonata prima per Trombetta Sola        Giovanni Bonaventura Viviani
(1) Andante                                       (1638–c.1693)
(2) Allegro
(3) Presto
(4) Allegro
(5) Adagio

Concerto for Trumpet in D         Johann Friedrich Fasch
(6) Allegro                                  (1688–1758)
(7) Largo
(8) Allegro moderato

Suite in D Major            George Frideric Handel
(9)Overture                     (1685–1759)
(10) Gigue
(11) Aire (Menuetto)
(12) March (Bourrée)
(13) March

Sonata per Clarino C-Dur für Trompete und Orgel    Carl Heinrich Biber
(14) Allegro assai                                                    (1681–1749)
(15) Aria, Più Andante
(16) Presto

Sonata in D G.3            Giuseppe Torelli
(17) Adagio                    (1658– 1709)
(18) Grave
(19) Allegro

Egger 3-hole Haas Baroque Trumpet, C and D crooks at A = 415
Fasch, Handel, amd Torelli recorded on Rieger Organ, 1961, Schwarzach, Austria, Key of Db at A=440, Maxwell Street Presbyterian Church, Lexington, KY
Biber and Viviani recorded on H. Klop Continuo Organ, 2005, Garderen, Netherlands, A=415. Vallotti tuning, St. Francis in the Fields, Harrods Creek, KY

Engineer: Dave Henderson
3844 Old Tates Creek Court
Lexington, KY 40517
(859) 273-5810

Producers: Dave Henderson, Jason Dovel

Fasch, Handel, and Torelli were adapted for organ by Schuyler Robinson
Special thanks to St. Francis in the Fields Episcopal Church, Jim Rightmyer, and Maxwell St. Presbyterian Church, Ted Gentry, for the use of their beautiful organs.
This disc is made possible by a generous faculty research grant from the University of Kentucky College of Fine Arts.